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Design Your Own

It starts with your idea

Finding the perfect jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding bands shouldn’t feel like an endless search, it should be a creative opportunity for you to enjoy from start to finish.  Give us a call, or contact us through our web page using online chat, we are happy to help you create an original heirloom to be enjoyed for years to come.

Gemstone or Diamond?

Kirk's Jewelry is committed to providing ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds to create your one of a kind ring. We offer brilliantly colored gemstones, re-purposed diamonds, lab created diamonds, as well as recycled precious metals to limit the impact on our environment.

CAD Design

Hand Carved Wax

In some instances, CAD design is not an option when designing specific types of jewelry. In that case, our in-house jeweler hand carves your jewelry design in wax giving the jeweler a chance to work with a very forgiving material, with good flexibility for design detail

Lost Wax Casting

When the design is perfected to your taste and it is approved by you, the jeweler then flows wet casting investment around the wax model. After the investment dries, the wax is burned out leaving an exact mold of your piece. Recycled molten metal is forced into the mold. In the cooling process, the mold is destroyed. Once this process is completed, your jewelry piece is polished and stones are set.

Based on your drawing, sketch, or even your Pinterest page, we will design a  computer-generated 3D model of your piece of your jewelry. You’ll see exactly how your design will look before it is produced in wax.  The CAD file is used to create a 3D wax that you can view, and hold prior to the lost wax process.

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